AltusHost Recommends: Top 7 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

Every business should have an adequate website. There are several reasons why this is true. Having a website makes your business easy to find. It is a perfect marketing strategy as many people have access to your contact information. With the internet expansion, having a website became a must for any line of business. Due to this great need for websites, numerous website creating tools were created. One of the most popular ones is WordPress, which stands behind every fourth website online. This has enabled many people around the world to create well designed websites with ease.

There are various features that are supported by WordPress and their numbers are increasing daily. WordPress uses various plugins to improve a website’s functionality. What everyone is concerned about when creating a website is how to attract more traffic. There are many ways, but one of the important features you should have on your website is the possibility that users and readers can share the content on their social network profile. Luckily, there are numerous plugins that support and provide this feature.

Since AltusHost is a web hosting company and they had a lot of experience with WordPress and various plugins created for that platform, we turned to them for a recommendation on the best social sharing plugins. Their response was more than thorough as there are plenty of plugins, yet they explained which are the best and easiest to implement onto your website.


This is the freshest plugin among the social media sharing plugins. Even though it comes with a higher cost, it provides numerous beneficial properties. Some of the supported features are the ability to set from which number of shares the number is displayed to the readers, support for several most popular social networks, the ability to track the number of shares and statistics related to sharing and all this with a very easy to use interface. The plugin was created by Elegant Themes. It is fast and very functional and reliable. If you decided to use this plugin, you will make the right choice.


This is a very interesting plugin that has attracted a great number of users. It supports a wide variety of social networks. It contains various beautiful themes. The sleek design of sharing buttons which this plugin uses is crucial for its success. There are users who have reported a great increase in social sharing after switching to this plugin. It offers you to upload Pinterest specific photos which are easy to share on that social network. There is also the tracking of shared posts which provides you with statistics on how much traffic you are getting through this plugin. It has all the elements that are important for social network sharing which can tremendously increase your traffic.


This is not a usual plugin, it comes with quite innovative sharing buttons which are added to your images. There are actually several apps found in this plugin, which are easy to set up. A couple of apps that stand out are Image Sharer and Share. The first takes care of the images on your webpage, it puts icons over the top of the photos and hence, encourages sharing on social networks. The second takes care of share buttons on your webpages. When it comes to both apps, it is easy to change page targeting as you might not want the same things from all of your pages. The fact that these are apps, it is possible to use another plugin while using some of them.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

This plugin has a lot of customization features, probably the most of all others. There are various places where you can add sharing buttons. It offers support for over thirty social networks, and it features numerous built in themes. In the past, all these features made the plugin function more slowly compared to others, but with the recent update, speed has been greatly improved. It is packed with more features that are found in the previously mentioned plugins. This is probably the best one if you are looking to completely customize your sharing buttons. You can edit locations, button text and counter position. This plugin will not leave you disappointed.


This plugin has earned this place because it comes without any cost. It is completely free, as they support themselves when someone uses the share buttons — it pops up an advertisement. It is important to say that this plugin has clean design that simply catches attention. It gives you control over your share numbers, whether you want them displayed or not. It also gives you social analytics. Overall, it offers great functionality that comes completely free for you.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

This is a simplified plugin that has a lot of users. If you do not need to completely customize the position of your share buttons, then this is the right plugin for you. It does completely what its name states. It is created to be easily implemented onto your website. It is extremely easy to use. It lacks many features compared to the aforementioned plugins, but it does contain support for various social networks and it will get the job done. It is a perfect plugin to use if you are financially limited as it is completely free.


This is a plugin which enables your users to share parts of your text on their twitter easily. It is very straightforward and easy to use. All you have to do is select the text that you want to make shareable and the plugin creates a tweet button next to it. It is an innovative plugin that will encourage social network sharing of your website.

These are the most commonly used plugins according to AltusHost, a company which has been in contact with the WordPress platform for years. Thoroughly inspect the mentioned plugins and you will surely find the one which is perfect for your website.