Creative Interior Design Ideas for Rooms You Never Knew You Needed

Tiny is the new luxurious, at least that’s what interior designers claim. From super-tight urban dwellers to vehicle-homes, any space cosy enough to make us inspired and dreamy is now a focal point of contemporary indoor art. And, if your suburban family house is big enough to have an unused corner of its own, why not transform it into something snuggly warm and quite whimsical?

Whether you choose function over aesthetics or the other way around, these 8 ideas will breathe a new life into your spare room.

1. A Stylish Walk-In

Is there anything more fabulous to surprise the special lady in your life with? A walk-in closet is pretty easy to install, so you can make it a DIY project that will score you some major marital points. Besides, these brilliant bigger-on-the-inside closets doesn’t have to be for our shoe-loving Carrie Bradshaws exclusively — once hidden in plain sight, all of your dandy apparel will be much easier to keep tidy and organized.

2. Bright & Crafty

At least for once in their life, every gentle soul has dreamed of having a relaxing corner for crafting without any limitations (or clothes). And the most brilliant thing about an art studio is that you actually don’t need any furniture at all! If feeling inspired by the creative mess — and most artists do — ditch the storage altogether. The only thing you need is the only thing you already have — a wide window for illuminating your creations.

3. Keeping It Fit

In the fast-paced times that we all live in, building an in-house gym is often the only way of staying in shape. It is, however, a bit costlier undertaking than most of the other spare room solutions. Still, if you decide to go small and steer clear from all of the state-of-the-art equipment, your new fitness area can be just as inexpensive; simply install a big mirror, throw in a couple of yoga mats and a punching bag (improvise if you don’t want to buy) and start sweating.

4. A Dreamy Corner

The alternative, of course, is to upholster the entire space with soft wool rugs, decorate it with fluffy floor cushions and create a tranquil place for daydreaming. Be sure to soundproof your walls and let a lot of light in — when nicely isolated and kept clean, such space is brilliant for busy power nappers, voracious readers and revering spirits.

5. Loving Your Inner Child

Feel free to go wild with this one! Awakening your inner child from time to time is of so much importance for staying sane but imaginative, and a game room is a perfect spot for doing so. Naturally, you can equip it with a snooker table, flippers, arcades and consoles, but that will surely cost you some serious bucks. Alternatively, you can transform it into a fandom room and build in a TARDIS, The Great Hall with the Iron Throne, a Bat Cave or a Sherlock-style escape the room set.

6. Working from Home

Instead of a gentlemen’s privilege, a home office has lately become a necessity for every hard-working individual. Keeping the true spirit of work-life balance alive, in-home offices have a number of rules that simply cannot be avoided — silence, light, comfort and lack of distractions are certainly the most important ones.

Ultimately, your essential working space kit can include a desk and a chair alone, but you should definitely pay attention to storage elements, colours and temperature as well.

7. A Gentlemen’s Club

What an in-walk wardrobe is to ladies, a cigar room is to fellas. There’s something quite exquisite about opening a liquor globe, hearing the ice cubes clink against the glass and reaching for a wooden cigarette box afterwards. It’s the closest thing to a gentlemen’s club you’ll ever have in your family home, and it’s certainly worthy of every penny you’ll spend on leather chairs, old-school wall textures and presidential portraits.

8. Fragrant & Steamy

The sweet odour of exotic fumes! The soothing touch of cedar! Having a sauna in the comfort of your home is a true luxury, yet, building one doesn’t have to be so expensive at all! There’s a number of granny-proof guides for installing an in-house sauna available online, but it’s certainly advisable to find some specialist assistance. However hard the work, the result is simply captivating!

Soothing and serene, loud and entertaining or fashionable and pompous, the ideas for decorating your spare room are truly inexhaustible. And, with today’s exciting DIY culture, be sure that anything you imagine can be achieved with little patience and a lot of creativity.

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