Great Tips for Obtaining Professional Appearances — for Men

For anyone who is either a business owner, a salesman, or a company agent, professional appearance is one of the most important elements in the process of a successful business transaction. It is rather self-explanatory, people will start to profile you based on the first impression, and depending on your line of work, you need go an extra mile to leave the desired impression. It is important for forming company partnerships, or showing your employer that you are someone who is prepared to keep everything in check. The most efficient way to determine what kind of an appearance would suit you best is to ask yourself what is it that you would appreciate as a customer, or a partnership firm, or as an employer. Here are some suggestions you may find useful when it comes to this issue.

Your Outfit

When one mentions professional outfit, the first thing that usually comes to mind is suit, tie and leather shoes. To be perfectly honest, there is nothing wrong with that, and in most cases, you will not go wrong when choosing this option. However, if you want to appear as a professional coach, a suit and a tie will definitely not be in your favour, it would be better to wear a track suit, or a gym suit, along with branded sneakers. If you are someone who sells fashion accessories, you can always go with something stylish, in other words, something that defines your personal style as a male. Things like a specific piece of jewellery or a great watch, along with a cool tie and men’s bag, are bound to give you some good points in the eyes of potential customers. Lastly, if you are trying to look like a reliable handyman, you should always carry a toolbox with you, it will send a message that you are ready to take action immediately.

Work on Your Charisma

This is practically a no brainer, people will like you more if you make a pleasant company, in other words, if you are witty, good looking, and friendly, people will feel more comfortable around you. Practice your smile in front of the mirror in order to find the right one, do not come off as extremely pushy with a wide fake grin. If you are not comfortable with your teeth, you can always undergo a teeth whitening procedure. Make sure your hair is not messy and that your beard is properly groomed or shaved. Nowadays, you can find great types of electrical shavers & trimmers which will get the job done without leaving any cuts or nicks. Use products that can minimize your perspiration, nobody likes to feel the scent of sweat or see sweaty armpits when t having a conversation, and it will divert their attention from what you are saying. Work on your presentation, practice your speech pattern, do not talk to quick, be eloquent and feel free to elaborate details about your products and services. It is important that you are calm, and avoid stuttering, since it will create a wrong image about you. Be polite and prepared to explain or answer questions that are technical in nature since some of your clients will test you. Do not allow yourself to get discouraged, find other ways to cope with series of bad transactions because if potential customers feel some insecurity while you talk, it will only cause the cycle to continue. Additionally, when you are exhausted, you lose enthusiasm, so always carry a can of energy drink or a chocolate bar to restore your energy and your focus.

Business Card

There are a lot of creative designs when it comes to business cards, and their theme is usually decided by the nature of the profession they are intended for. A business card can be designed to resemble a cell phone or jeans, meaning there are numerous creative templates for this purpose, which will certainly contribute to your cause. Not only that, but if the card is interesting, the client is less likely to put it in a drawer or a wallet where it will simply get lost with all the other generic business cards.

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