The Hardships That You Will Face as a Parent

Very often, we are surrounded with slogans concerning children and how they are this world’s future, how they are pure innocence, how childhood is the most beautiful and blissful part of life, etc. Needless to say that these are exaggerations, kids develop their own identities by copying the content that surrounds them, and while a school bully is having a blissful and fun time, some other kid is developing traumas. It is hard being a parent because your children’s behavior and the problems that your kids have are certainly your responsibility. You can’ t be too hard on them and you can’t be over protective and, in addition to that, no matter what decision you make, you constantly question yourself, whether that was a right thing to do.

Of course, controlling your children is never the answer, but regular monitoring of their behavior and school progress is quite obligatory, that way you can know when and where to step in and introduce some discipline.

See how they are doing in school

Do not wait for the end of the semester to see the grades of your child. Children are sometimes too afraid of punishment that they will lie about bad marks at school. If you find out that your child was hiding his or her low grades — do not be furious, try to take a friendlier approach and help them with their problem so that they won’t be afraid to tell you when something like this happens in the future. Once you child stops hiding his grades from you, do not forget that those are still low grades and that your child needs to be grounded from time to time. Do not worry too much if your child is underachieving in some school subjects, maybe he or she has a hard time understanding that subject or that subject simply can’t grasp your child’s attention. Do not force your child to be perfect at everything, because if you force it to be an overachiever, that can backfire in the future.

Try to find out where they are hanging out

Spying on your kids or following them around is certainly not a solution although in some cases it is the only solutions (due to the child’s behavior or the environment) and this is why there is software to tackle this kind of issues like this android spy app. However, when your child gets home, you can try and make friendly conversation, to ask about where he or she went. Try to recognize whether you child is dodgy when he or she is answering to you question. If you think your child is lying, do not force it to spill the beans, but ask your kid the next time he or she goes out to play where is that going to be exactly, and pass by that place to see if your child isn't at least lying about the location. You need to be certain that your kid is not near any dangerous area, since kids are unaware of how clumsy they can be and can easily end up with some severe injury.

Take them to the doctor

We must be patient until our immunity system reaches its peak and gives us the necessary endurance. In addition to patients, we need to nurture it properly from the very beginning and that requires professional advice. By going to the doctor, you can determine whether everything is alright with your young ones, whether they should increase the intake of vitamins, etc. Take them to the dentist as well. Even though they are changing their teeth they need to learn how to take care of them. Your kids are like any other kid, they like junk food, fizzy drinks and candy — needless to say how much damage these things can cause to someone’s teeth. Another important thing here is that your young ones are exposed to all sorts of things at school like : chickenpox, lice, flu, etc. and that is why these visits to the doctor are crucial at a young age.

It is quite a challenge to be a parent and a friend to your children at the same time, since parenting requires you to be the bad guy from time to time. However, we must always have faith that, one day, they will realize why we did what we did, and it will be up to them to find a better way… if such a thing ever existed.

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