What NOT to Wear — Fashion No-No’s for Men

All of us want to look the best we can, and because of this, we eat organic, spend countless hours at the gym (or at least we try) and we buy nice and expensive clothes. Investing into our wardrobe is a never stopping adventure, and as fashion changes, so does our taste, and over time we can end up with some nasty looking clothing items that can simply ruin our style. Staying true to yourself is important, but you also have to follow some rules in order to truly be a citizen of the 21st century. Fashion has stopped being female centered long time ago, and nowadays, even men are expected to dress in a certain way in order to depict professionalism, or even when hanging around with friends in a mall or a restaurant. With the winter getting ready to strike hard, we have made a list of some fashionable no-no’s which you should avoid like plague.

Loose Fitted Suit

Lots of times, we are forced to dress on a budget, the best recommendation would be to buy a nice cheap suit, and then add some extra money for a tailor to make some minor adjustments. Having a well fitted suit is extremely important, as first impressions are crucial (no matter how hard we try to deny that) and people will judge you based on everything they see. A loose fitted suit will communicate that you are a sloppy person and that you are not sure what you are doing. For example, a good suit will have enough room around your shoulders, and the seam on the shoulders should fall exactly on the edge where your arm starts. A good suit will emphasize what is good on your body, while hide what isn’t. Buy something good for your body frame, and remember that everyone should have at least one suit, since with age, more and more occasions will arise where you’ll need one.

Uncomfortable Clothes

When you turn on a TV, all you see is people who look perfect in anything they put on themselves. For example, Chris is so popular right now, and he can wear a tablecloth and make it look stunning. On the other hand, many of our female friends are supporters of the myth that you should wear a shoe even though it is one size too small. This stereotype that fashion is not about comfort is simply a lie, and you should never buy anything that is too tight simply because it looks good, since this will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but everyone else will notice your mood. The ultimate goal is to find something that is suitable for your body type, something that you love wearing and yet is cozy enough so that you can spend unlimited amount of time in it. It is all about body language. In well fitted clothes, you are going to exude confidence, and you will be able to focus on doing whatever it is that you do.

White Socks

This one is simple. White socks are reserved only for going to the gym or the occasional stroll around your humble abode. White socks usually do not match anything, and they only increase contrast, drawing attention to your feet. The only thing worse than having white socks, according to some, is having a mismatched pair. Unless you are going to wear white trousers, you should completely avoid this color for your socks and find something that matches your pants more. It is a common mistake that socks should match the shoes, while actually, the belt should be matched according to the color of your shoes. We know, this might sound a bit elitist and pretentious, but there are only a few rules for color coordination when it comes to male fashion. Match lighter and darker version of your main color, and you will be fine. Do not wear more than three colors in order to have a coordinated look — the saying less is more is very important here.


Long gone are the times where only women could spend endless amounts of money on bags, and now, men can do that too (yay?). Nonetheless, while men were forced to wear only briefcases if they were working professionals several years ago, now they have an array of bag types to choose from. But one thing is certainly a fashion no-no, backpacks. Many times I’ve seen young people in perfectly tailored suits carrying a backpack, and while I myself have to admit that they are pretty comfortable to wear as they distribute weight evenly, they simply looks silly. If you find that briefcases are too boring, you can replace them with a nicer and more modern messenger classic bag. They can be worn across the shoulder, or even across the chest, and both ways will give you a clean and urban look, while you won’t have to worry about practicality. Even a tote bag is a much better choice than a backpack because, let’s face it, with a backpack on your shoulders, you look like you’re going on a camping trip.

Buying Clothes in Advance

Simply because you found a good store with a perfect discount, it does not mean that you have to buy clothes for the next two years. The golden rule is that you can do this with ordinary T-shirts, but for other clothing items fashion can change, and what was unimaginable yesterday might be the newest sensation today, and because of this it is best to save that money. While most guys do not like fussing about clothes, and we prefer to keep it simple and stylish, going to the store should not be a chore. Ask a friend to come and join you, and you can browse for a while, have a great time, and buy something nice. Do this occasionally, and you will be set all year round. If you try to buy something for the upcoming season, not only can you make a mistake, but you might even buy something that you’ll regret.

Overpay for Stuff

This does not only apply for clothes, but for everything else in life. You should always find a golden mean, because cheap things are usually not good, or are made of poor-quality materials, while expensive things are only embellished and there are faults hidden behind a strong brand name. This is actually all a part of good marketing campaigns which are meant to sell you something for a lot more than it is actually worth, and many designers will use the strength of a brand in order to sell inexpensive fabrics for a lot of money. How many times have you seen that a pattern on a sawn pocket or a shirt does not match the underlying print? Many designers know that it is hard to perfectly align a pocket so that the print matches the rest of the shirt, so many companies just rotate it and call it a fashion statement, which is actually how they are trying to sell you something which is simply not worth it. Don’t pay for the label, pay for a fit.

In the end, enjoying clothes is of paramount importance, since you are buying it for yourself, not for others. Still, it is nice knowing some rules and guidelines which can be used to further improve your style and fashion sense. Things we’ve talked about are only that — guidelines, so don’t be afraid to add a bit of your personal touch and flair, and in case you make a mistake, we’re sure your friends will tell you about it.