If you visited a couple of developer conferences you should know that the most fun part is not the talks but the bar crawl after the event.

So how to find all the bars near GraphQL Summit location? A quick and simple answer would be to just copy the address from official website and paste it into Yelp or FourSquare.

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But you don’t need to be a GraphQL guru to do that. How about using GraphQL for getting this data?

We will do this using the following master plan:

  1. Get the address of venue. Fortunately, Universe recently released GraphQL API for their catalog of…

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GraphQL is a hot topic at the moment and it even started appearing in jobs listing. CSV is a totally different story, it hit it’s peak of popularity before the majority of us was even born 😀.

Something old, something new,

GraphQL was designed to make life easier for the front-end developers and Facebook engineers have done such a great job that it became more enjoyable than querying SQL directly (especially since you don’t have to do joins anymore). But the result of GraphQL query is always JSON which is fine if you build a website or mobile app but is not so suitable for importing into 3-rd party tools. …

Do you remember the last time you searched for a suitable Web API? To put this into context, let’s assume you want to send emails to your users. As always, you start by typing “Email API” in Google and this is what you see:

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As usual Google gives you lots of relevant search results and you start opening every site one by one. You skip typical marketing info on the front page and go straight to the “Prices” page. Then you automatically assume it’s a REST API using JSON payloads. Who’s doing anything else nowadays? Next, you proceed to answer the more interesting questions: do they have an SDK for the language you use? Do they have an API console? …

Ivan Goncharov

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