Using APIs to gain unfair competitive advantage in the Network Economy

Thank you for really interesting article.

I especially like “Network economy” term, before it I usually spend couple of minutes and a lot of hand gestures explaining the same concept.

But if we speak about “Magnet enterprise”(as shown in slide deck) I think IFTTT is just first step in right direction. It require a lot of coding time to add an API, so cost per integration is extremely high:

But number of Public APIs is huge(ProgrammableWeb has more than 14 thousands) so it’s not scalable approach and works only for ultra popular APIs like Facebook, Gmail, Drive, etc.

That lead me to starting Which is like “Wikipedia for Web APIs”. What it’s mean is that any iPaaS can connect to it and automatically have integration with all APIs(currently ~200 APIs)

On API owner side, you just need to add/maintain machine-readable description of your API in one of the popular formats(OpenAPI/Swagger, RAML, WADL, etc.) and it immediately exposed to all connected iPaaS.

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