Ivan, very good article!
Alan Glickenhouse

Yes, I know about API harmony. We even collaborate together on a few projects. I’m flattered that you use ReDoc (open-source tool that APIs.guru develops for our customer) to document your API.

But big problem of APIs.guru, API Harmony and many similar projects is that they simply can’t generate enough value for API owner to bother with add/updating info about their API. We try to workaround this issue with some clever programming technics:
 — in APIs.guru, we scrape data from API consoles
 — in API Harmony you do static analysis of GitHub repositories
But we have to collaborate with API owners by providing them with immediate benefits such as SEO or better DX.

That said the availability of basic API data will allow 3rd-party developers to focus on building something new and exciting on top of them. For example, API owners know base URL and all paths of all endpoints so they can include them in schema.org data. However, only API Harmony knows how particular API is used on GitHub.

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