Make your project successful or die tryin’

How entrepreneurship is about purpose.

A swedish proverb says: “Those who wish to sing always find a song.” This is particularly true of entrepreneurship. It is important to know that, if there’s will, a path will be shown. I am Venezuelan, and I happen to live in one of the most adverses economies out there.

Why do I do it? I can’t conceive another lifestyle, it’s my modus vivendi, I just can’t stand to pick a 9-to-5 standard job like anybody does. Either way, somehow I feel like a job is not for me, knowing that -honestly- my CV is not that impressive.

Ever felt displaced at your job? Ever felt that you should be hitting it big? or more purposefully, ever felt you could give value to people in your community? It takes courage to make your mind to this decision, to draw over your own blank canvas of life. Paint without boundaries your wishes. Many people don’t realize that the very offices where they work were built by an entrepreneur some time ago. Behind every building in the city, there’s someone who took the challenge of giving value to people through his passion.

Everything we do as humans will depend of our current mindset. I see opportunity and I’ll tell you why: being an entrepreneur in these challenged days, prepares you for the worst. There has never been in our generation this such excellent opportunity to be inmerse in this great school of entrepreneurship. It is a matter of perseverance, more and more. Think you’re done? Persevere a bit more. Quoting Vivek Wadhwa: “The entrepreneurship is more like a rollercoaster, not a cruise.” You either suffer it or enjoy it.

Time is our most valuable asset. Whatever you make with it, will reflect on you today and your future. We are our direct result of our past. How can you administer your time effectively? Give yourself a chance at building your own business. Thinking about “what if…?” is not life.

What have you done today you will thank yourself tomorrow for?

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