10 Things Every Hipster Should Know About Parenting

A brief list of changes which a new baby brings to your life.

  1. Being up to date with your RSS feeds will have no importance whatsoever, but you can experience similar feelings of accomplishment when all your laundry is done. The moment will not last as long, though.
  2. Your ‘Inbox Zero’ strategy will change to “Aw, that email arrived only one week ago.”
  3. You will still watch movies. In instalments. 15 minutes long instalments.
  4. Your NIKE+ account will be replaced by a Fitbit one. Yes, your movement will rapidly slow down.
  5. You will not use Skype for those exciting multi country conference calls anymore, but it works perfectly well as a baby monitor and as an evening entertainment channel for grandparents.
  6. You used to love having your coffee from an elegant esspresso cup. Now, your biggest mugs might not be big enough for you, because your sleep will be non-existent.
  7. Your Instagram feed with your food, selfies or feet on the beach, will be replaced by a neverending stream of your baby’s face. (If you have time to post at all.)
  8. If you thought your wisdom toothache was the worst pain ever, you might rethink that statement after your baby is born.
  9. If you believed that your parents were ‘not so cool’ people, you might finally appreciate all they have done for you.
  10. You were sure that you know what love is. When you hold your baby in your arms, you’ll know you simply had no clue before.

What about you people with new babies? How did your life change since arrival of your bundle of joy? Share some with us, too.