AWS USG Serbia Belgrade Meetup with Frame and WW II Liberation Day

The latest AWS User Group meetup (six in a row) took place in Belgrade, on October 20th. And it was an awesome event! We heard such great and useful stories about Amazon Web Services best practice. And we had some fun being in the center of Belgrade while there were a few formal events of celebrating WW II Liberation Day in our capitol.

AWS User Group Serbia Meetup with Frame

We had a great pleasure to organize #6 AWS User Group Serbia meetup with Frame, very successful Serbian company who operates in Belgrade and San Francisco.

Frame is building a platform that will change the world. They will move all our desktop apps into the Cloud. Their idea is to run any software from the browser, and they are making it happen in a really slick and elegant way. AWS User Group meetup was an excellent opportunity to find out what is Frame team doing and how are they doing it.

First, we heard from Nikola Božinović, CEO, and Founder of Frame, from San Francisco, via video link. As every good host, he welcomed us all and said a few words about the company. Thanks, Nikola, for your effort and for finding time to address the audience.

And then the party started! The first speaker was Miloš Žikić, who talked about the hidden life of the Frame infrastructure. He explained how exactly is Frame running on AWS and what are the advantages of such a setup. He actually gave us closer look at what’s under the hood of this complex system. For all of you who missed this excellent story, you can find the presentation Miloš gave us on this link.

The second presenter was Aleksandar Bogdanović. Aleksandar gives us another look at the Frame system and spoke about all the challenges that are expecting you when you run large-scale workload on AWS. He had a few excellent examples of problems and practical solutions that can be applied to any large workload situation. Aleksandar’s presentation is available here.

What else have we done on this meetup?

Well, besides hearing such great stories and getting a chance to sneak pick into the daily life of one of the hottest startups in the world, we also did our usual fun stuff. Aleksandar Nenov said “Hello” and presented the concept of the AWS User Group Serbia future. It looks quite good and promising. The group is here to educate us all on AWS and to help and encourage sharing knowledge in the community.

We also got some cool CloudAcademy t-shirts. Thanks, guys! Reminder: if you want to learn how to work with AWS and test the system in a virtual laboratory use Cloud Academy platform.

What about WW II Liberation Day?

WW II Liberation Day is mentioned just because we had no idea that there are going to be such a big celebration in Belgrade. So, imagine us, coming from Novi Sad, all relaxed and carefree, coming to the center of Belgrade, only to find out that there is no way to approach the city center. Most of the streets were blocked, and it took us an hour to find a way around it. But, we make it eventually. Luckily, we were there a few hours earlier, so we didn’t miss the beginning of the event.

Lesson learned: always watch/listen/read the local news before you start your journey you another city! Especially when you’re going to Belgrade! There are a lot of parties going on there :)

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