Belgrade, new AWS USG Meetup is Coming to You

Spontaneously, we started a tradition of organizing a meetup in Novi Sad and then the next in Belgrade. This fall we continue this tradition, and we’re coming to Belgrade for our next AWS User Group Serbia meetup!

Who is a host of the event?

As we explained in one of our earlier posts, we have changed the way of meetup organization: we have invited all companies who wish to share their knowledge and best practice to the community to be co-organizers of such events. In September, we heard how Levi9 works with AWS, and now we have an opportunity to hear how is Frame doing it.

Frame started as a small team from Niš, continued company development in San Francisco, make it getting $10 million investments, and created an excellent team of engineers and creatives from all over the world. In their office in Belgrade, they are employing local talents.

The product developed by Frame is something that will indeed change the world as we know it. Their goal is to run any software from the browser, and they are making it come true. At the moment you can use Frame, log in from your laptop and use any Windows application from your browser. How awesome is that?

What will we talk about on #6 AWS User Group meetup?

The sixth AWS User Group Serbia meetup is scheduled for October 20th, at 18:30. The event will take place at Startit Center (Savska 5).

Here’s what we have prepared for you:

  • A short welcome and a few words about AWS User Group Serbia, by Aleksandar Nenov. As a founder of the group Aleksandar will welcome you all and remind you about some of the benefits that members of the group have. Hint: Cloud Academy :)
  • We will hear from Nikola Božinović (CEO and Founder of Frame) who will say hello from San Francisco and let us know what the team is working on now.
  • In the story named “Frame Under the Hood” Miloš Žikić, Team Lead at Frame will tell us how exactly is Frame running in AWS and speak about all the advantages that they are having from such an infrastructure.
  • The second story is about “Frame Workloads on AWS”. Aleksandar Bogdanović, Team Lead at Frame will speak about all challenges that the team is facing when running large-scale workloads on AWS.
  • Don’t miss the networking where we will be able to get to know each other and speak about our own AWS experiences.

It will be great to hear the story about Frame and their experiences with AWS, so don’t miss our next meetup. We’re waiting for you on October 20th, at 18:30, in Startit Center.