How we tried out DISTRIBOOTED on AWS

Last week was quite exciting for us — we had a chance to play around with an entirely new platform and see how it works on Amazon Web Services. This platform is called DISTRIBOOTED, and this is the story about our experience with this new cool toy that we got to use for a few days.


DISTRIBOOTED is an application and Cloud management platform that comes fresh from the “programmers fingers.” This platform has a goal to provide a single pane of glass for deployment, configuration, management and monitoring of server applications across multiple Cloud providers. The fact that you can have a centralized place to work with different services literally means that you can use DISTRIBOOTED to work with your application on all the major server providers and see all the results and analysis on a single dashboard.

It is awesome to know that the birthplace of DISTRIBOOTED is Belgrade, Serbia, where engineering team (who also stands behind GridMine, the first Cloud independent Big Data hub) has build this exciting platform.

At the moment, DISTRIBOOTED is in Alpha, and it has been launched on App Store of 30 apps supporting five different Cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Exoscale, Linode, and Vultr). The team says that they plan to support 100 apps and 30 different Cloud providers by 2017.

If you wish to give DISTRIBOOTED a try, you’re welcome to do so. The service is free at the moment, and you can use it to deploy test instances and applications on partnering Cloud providers.

How we tested DISTRIBOOTED

When we first heard of the DISTRIBOOTED platform, we knew right away that this is a something fascinating and useful. So, imagine how excited we were when we heard from Balaji Bal, the Founder who invited us to try out the system.

Our very Aleksandar Nenov was the one who had the honor to launch the first instance deployed by DISTRIBOOTED into AWS Cloud. This was a thrilling moment. And everything went perfectly well.

As Aleksandar said:

The whole process of launching instances was really straight forward. Everything is quite clear and logical, and I can see all the information that I want to know.

After playing with the system for a few days, we can say that it is a very solid Alpha. We can’t wait to see how it will work when the team reaches a fully functional version. We’re sure that it will be something beautiful!

We would like to thank the DISTRIBOOTED team and CTO Nikola Gajin for giving us an opportunity to be a part of such a great story. We’re sure that you will have a lot of success in future. Thanks, guys!