Let’s talk about AWS, in Novi Sad

Join us on the new AWS User Group meetup in Novi Sad

AWS User Group Serbia celebrated her first birthday a few days ago. So far, we have managed to organize four meetups in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and one huge event — AWSome Day in Belgrade. Now it’s time for our new meetup!

#5 AWS User Group Meetup

This season we decided to throw a different form of meetups. They will be co-organized by a company who wants to share their knowledge and best AWS practices with the community. At first, it seems like an impossible task, because there is a general belief that companies in Serbia and region are not using AWS, but the reality proved to be entirely different. You would be surprised to know how much neighboring companies (from our country and the region) are using AWS.

The first company who will be our host for the AWS talks is Levi9 IT Services. Settled in Novi Sad, with enormous experience in high-level projects, Levi9 is more than qualified to teach us how they do things.

#5 AWS User Group Serbia meetup is scheduled for Thursday, September 22nd at 6:30 PM. Location of the meetup is the Levi 9 office, located on Trifković square 6, in Novi Sad.

What will we talk about on this meetup?

Besides an opportunity to hang out with your old AWS-loving pals, you will also be able to hear two interesting stories on this meetup:

  1. Dusan Susic, a System Administrator at Levi9, will share his story about provision and configuration of AWS resources with Puppet and Hiera. The title of this 25-minute lecture is “IaaS — Infrastructure as a Code”
  2. Nikola Grkic, a System Administrator at Levi9, will tell us how to build and use testing environment with Elastic Beanstalk AWS service. Nikola called his story simply “Testing environment by using AWS Elastic Beanstalk”

You’re welcome to ask questions after the lectures. We’re sure that we’ll be having a great discussion. Of course, you’re welcome to stay and mingle after the event. Because networking is an added value that we all enjoy.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, please join us! It will be interesting to hear all of these stories and learn what are the best practices of using AWS services in our own town.

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