It’s Very Simple . . Do Be Kind & Don’t Be An Asshole

I’m Always Taken Aback When People Ask Me How I Survive Working In Chicago’s Crime-Riddled South Side. Fact Is, I Feel Safer On Stony Island & 79th Than I Do On Clark & Addison. The People Here Treat Me Like Royalty And Always Greet Me With A Smile & Kind Word.

I Wish All Of You Could Follow-Me Around For A Couple Of Day’s To Understand . . In Order To Become Part Of The Solution, I Had To Become Part Of The Problem. I Know And Am On A First-Name Basis With Everybody In And Around These Hospitals. I’m Tight With The Cooks, Housekeeping, Security, Nursing & Fellow Doctors. They Know I’ve ALWAYS Got Their Backs . . And They’ve Got Mine.

As A Matter Of Fact . . Feel Free To Drop Me Anywhere In The World. Guarantee That Within 24-Hours, They’ll Know About Howlin’ Wolf & Muddy Waters . . And Most Importantly, They’ll Know That I’m Their Bro’ And Am There To Help.

You All Can Have The Same Impact . . Just Refer To The Opening Sentence. Do Be Kind & Don’t Be An Asshole. Amazing Things Will Instantly Become Possible.

Peace & Love