In My 20+ Years As A Physician, I Never Cease To Be Amazed At The Severity Of Injuries That Continue To Come From Nursing Homes.

I Always Thought That These Facilities Were Quiet & Sleepy Places Where Patients Go To Recuperate From Illness. Clearly, I’m Mistaken Because Some Of The Injuries Defy Explanation.

How Does A 70-Year Woman That’s Wheelchair Bound Sustain A Comminuted Femur Fracture? Is There An Explanation For A 55-Year Old Fracturing His Cervical Spine?

Today’s Patient Presented With A Shattered Elbow After Falling Down Several Stairs. Aren’t Nursing Home Patients Supposed To Be Closely Monitored? It’s Very Disconcerting To See This Level Of Injury Consistently Presenting For Treatment.

The Lesson To Each Of Us Should Be . . Assume Nothing! If You Have A Family Member At A Nursing Facility, Be A Hands-On Patient Advocate. If Possible, Lay Eyes On Them Daily, And Get On A First Name Basis With Their Care Team.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil . . I’m Not Saying This To Be A Jerk, But Nurses Will Go That Extra Mile When They Feel Families Want To Collaborate In Their Patient Advocacy Efforts.

Getting Old Is An Inevitability, But The Golden Years Shouldn’t Be Filled With Uncertainty Regarding Hidden Dangers At A Nursing Home.

Let’s Do What Needs To Be Done To Keep Our Seniors Healthy & Safe.

Peace & Love

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