If Surgeons Are The Most Attractive Doctors, How Did I Sneak In?

I not only find the linked article laughable, but I also think it only further adds to classism and division within our profession. Because unfortunately, these days I can’t tell many surgeons apart from used car salesman. No issues here about trying to look good, but most doctors were never “popular” and “good looking” on their way through high school and college.

As I look around the orthopedic surgery universe in particular, there are definitely some folks that were accomplished athletes coming up, but those guys aren’t trying to prove anything (they already have). Seems that once the “wannabes” finish up residency, the first thing they do is get Lasik to dump their coke-bottle glasses, start taking HGH and hitting the gym, and then the final phase is getting veneered teeth and LA Tans in hopes of making themselves irresistible to nurses everywhere.

I’m all about having a “look” and trying to look good, but my observation is that most surgeons I know were predominately a bunch of dorks and nerds while growing up (they had to be in order to make the cut in medical school and beyond). While I would hope that this would be an endearing quality that makes surgeons humble and connects them to the real world . . I guess that after reading the article and seeing these clowns in action, it doesn’t.


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