For Those That Know Me & Have Known Me Over The Years . . You All Get That I Love Helping People As A Spine & Trauma Surgeon, Am Emotionally Connected To Playing The Blues And Am Passionate About Being On The Radio.

Unfortunately, I Continue To Get Looks & Attitude From My “Colleagues” Within The Medical Profession As To Why I Would Ever Want To Do All Those Things.

All That I Can Share Is A Quote From The Red Hot Chili Peppers: “If You Have To Ask . . You’ll Never Know . . Funky Motherfuckers . . Will Not Be Told To Go”

To Those Of Us Simply Trying To Pursue Their Path By Marching To A Drumbeat That Happens To Be Different From The Mainstream . . I Send Respect.

In Closing . . To My Cheating On Their Wives ’Cause They’re Miserable With Their Lives, Wanna’ Be Badasses But Can’t Get Their Dicks Hard Colleagues In The Medical Profession . . I’ll Extend A Simple FUCK YOU To All Who Project Their Personal Unhappiness And Dissatisfaction Via Negative Behavior, Sideways Comments And Shitty Attitude.

Peace & Love