A Prayer For Millennials

This is a prayer I’ve written, for those of us who’ve been called lazy, entitled, inexperience:

Also known as M I L L E N N I A L S.

It is for those who consider themselves young enough to live care-free, and yet throw themselves dangerously into world-changing creative work- dreaming the impossible and doing the unthinkable.

This prayer is for you:

I pray that you don’t fear the threats of the grim-faced “this is how we’ve always done it” crowd. Their bark is worse than their bite.

I pray that the soul-killing desk job you’re doing now, won’t chain you to the promises of a three bedroom house and a garage full of outdated gadgets. A 20K drone won’t fill your soul.

I pray that you find the best coffee shops to hang out at, with people who truly care about your doubts and questions. They’re the ones you gladly pay the bill for.

I pray that the people you spend your best days with, will be there on your worst days too; that those who like your Instagram posts will be the ones you have home-cooked Sunday lunches with. Always include big mama portions of fried chicken.

I pray that your plans to travel the world won’t leave you young and broke, but you’ll open a long-term investment account of the most colourful memories. As moments are people, fill your bucket list with them.

I pray that you never skip leg day or Tequila Tuesday but save your friends the FOMO by not telling all of social media about it. Because lonely people have Wi-Fi too.

I pray that your external appearance do not determine your internal feelings. You are so much more than those Adidas Superstars and white skinny jeans.

You are light, and thunder, and music. And, oh my word, can Jeremy Loops just bring out a new album already? I pray for him too.

I pray that every song you listen to will give you enough goosebumps so you can pick up a pen and paper, and give language to the places music has taken you. Music is an old faithful friend.

I pray that every time your fingers touches your keyboard to hashtag your protest against politics, same-sex marriage, and overpriced Woolies food, your phone would auto-correct every angry word to “kindness is gangster”. Remember that.

I pray that you learn to genuinely love people, and carefully use things; that commitment does not mean “ball and chain”, and settling down is only the beginning of a new adventure. Trust me, I’m there.

I pray you’ll own you wild hair and bad puns, and to stop stalking the guy or girl who stole your crush. There’s no shame in coming home to dinners for one.

I pray you stop comparing yourself with those ahead of you; that you won’t get discouraged about where YOU are at, because of where someone else is at.

Stay your lane.
Stay your hustle.
Be your own blesser.

Most of all, I pray that you wake up each morning knowing you have work to do that this world desperately need.

I pray you never shy away from giving it all you’ve got.

Millennial, I pray for you!

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