Types Of Skirts You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Skirts are considered to be one of the most essential items that a woman should have in their wardrobe. They are available in various shapes and styles. Skirts are extremely flexible and they provide more versatility than dresses. Every woman should own at least two or more kinds of skirts that are described below!

If you want to buy a skirt you will find many different styles to it! They can often be mixed and matched with several other options and it can be aptly called the foundation of women’s clothing! Choose neutral colors as those can be worn more often. Printed and colorful skirts are also pretty and fun, but they cannot be paired up with everything!

Though skirts are available in all shapes and sizes, but the herculean task lies in finding the perfect one that will complement your body in the best possible manner.

So, let’s guide you through a list of different types of skirts that you most definitely have in your wardrobe.

Pleated Skirt

This is the most common skirt that you will find available around you. It is that one design and one pattern that will never go out of fashion. This skirt not only comes in various color shades (as many shades as you can possibly imagine), but various types of materials as well. The best way to flaunt this skirt is to pair it up with a loose black jacket or up-button shirt. Look glam girl!

Chiffon Sheer Skirt

In the recent years, the chiffon sheer skirt has been trending and wooing women. Wear this skirt when you go for a dressy or classy occasion. The best way to flaunt this skirt is to club it up with a nice pair of pointed heels and a white classy tank top. Another way that you can try is using the color-blocking method on your outfit and team it up with some funky accessories in bright bold neon colors.

Split Skirt

The split skirt can be of two types- either a very tightly fitted pencil skirt to a maxi column skirt. Team up this unique and interesting skirt with a loose top or a ganjee. For the perfect overall look prefer shoes which are shiny- like an elegant pair of metallic gladiators!

High Waist Flare Skirt

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet chic looking outfit, we recommend the high waist flare skirt is the most ideal choice for you. Remember that these skirts will only look great if you’re wearing a tight fitted tee or a tank top accompanying with junk jewellery.

A-Line Skirt

The looks of the A — line skirt is quite unique- it is small at the waist and then it gradually widens evenly as it reaches towards the ground. This proves that they are wider at the hemline than at the waistline. They vary in lengths and can be of knee length, calf length, or ankle length. This type of skirt is generally casual and not worn formally. The name of the skirt is so called as it resembles the letter A!

Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are very short and usually end much above the knees. They are extremely casual and are worn by specific people who have extremely toned legs. Not everyone will look good in a mini skirt!

Choose your favorite kind of skirt and flaunt your style! Let us know about your style and how you would like to pair up different skirts!

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