Fuck “Law Of Attraction”

I am sorry, they have been lying to you. Law of attraction thingy is bullshit, you can not just think about what you want and get it. Success does not come to those who wait and ponder, tell me did ever give somebody anything for free, for no reason? Exactly, no! So why do you expect somebody or life will give you something for free?

Work more.

Work is all you need, besides time. This is how you make “Law of Attraction” work, you work…The law makes sense, but only if you have something to back it up with. This does not mean to work your 9–5 job really hard, if you want you can go ahead and crush there too. What I am talking about is you executing on your dreams and stop justifying them, work on yourself and your dreams. Going to bed smarter by 0.1% is so overlook, but thats what it takes. Learn first, then earn. You have to be one of the best in your craft, to get good enough in your craft you have to learn. You can have talent and have it easier than other, but you still have to work. Nobody gives a shit what you are naturally good at, market only gives a shit about the 1%, and what they do. So if you want to be successful you have to be in the 1%, the 1% of best.

Do not be fancy.

There is many businessmen, entrepreneurs and what not on Instagram, who show you this fancy, yachts, models rich lifestyle and that is not how it works. Either you work or nothing works for you.

If you have to start your money making journey by flipping sneakers or selling your childhood toys, do it. Do not be fancy, you do not have to make an app and sell it for millions. You need to realize that there is so many opportunities, but you can not see them, because you are not desperate enough. You, right now, are probably in your comfort zone. If you droped below your comfort zone, you will do anything to get back into it, but after you get back into it you will stop working and settle. What you do not understand, is that the amount of work that got you from below to comfort, is the same amount that will get you from comfort to more money or whatever you are seeking. Julien Blanc has a great video explaining this on his YouTube channel, I suggest you go and check it out.

Summary: Work and do not be fancy about it.

So go and crush it NOW!

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