Get Out Of You Comfort Zone

It is easy to get lost in daily tasks, like going to work, picking your kids up from school etc. Many people live in this constant life of replaying their days the same. Progress is not doing the same thing all the time, to thrive you have to get out of your comfort zone and expirience the world froma different angle.

Go skydive, quit your job and pursue your dreams, do something that will take you out of the scarce mindset every day. Go to bed every night knowing you are smarter then you were when you woke up, learn and then earn. It is insane to do the same thing all the time and expect a different outcome. Nobody will come to your life and give you a million dollars for being a good boy and listening to others, you have to go out and make those million dollars. If you want a new car, go and make money and then buy it, nobody is stopping you. Your biggest obstacle is your own imagination, be a kid again and see beyond the wall. Just imagine what you could accomplish in a year, 3 years or more. You could be the one everybody look for advice from, you can be the best you. Do not go out there and chase somebodys elses life, make your own and make it awesome in your own way. Nobody can define happiness or success for somebody else, only you can define it for yourself.

The most important thing you have to realize, is that happiness is not a by-product of something you achieved or got. Hapiness is a state, which you achieve by letting go and success can only be attained when you are in that state of being happy. Yo can earn millions and millions, but if you are not in peace with yourself and are not in the state of constant hapiness, those millions will be worthles. All we do is to feel happy, instead of just being happy. Cut out the distractions and go out there and just take your desired life, it is out there, waiting for you to just take it.

Summary: Do something out of your comfort zone, daily!

So go and crush it NOW!

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