Pain helps you

  • How? Why?
When you are in pain,when nothing seems to go well,when all you see is negativity.

You have to push through it and believe you will be stronger when it is all over because you will.When you were all the way down you know that any setbacks after that will be easily controllable and taken as not so big of a deal.

  • Can you do it?
Yes you can just because it is you,it is you who controls your life.

Yes you can,but only if you want it bad enough.You can not go out and half-ass it just to “do it” and brag about how you “did it” when even you know you are full of shit.

  • But this…but that…!
There is no “but” in this kind of work nobody is stopping you.

There is nobody stopping you from doing anything..not Trump not your mother,NOBODY.

If it is so hard to believe it then try for a week to follow the rule of “no excusses” and you will see you will feel better after it.