Why Nobody Can Beat You

I see so many people thinking they are the only ones with problems in their life. They believe everybodys elses lifes are good and only they are having it rough. They feel sad and depressed about their insecurities. I only think that is very, very selfish, believeing you are unique and the only ONE who has it hard. Well sorry to break it to you, but everybodys have it rough…even those milionaires and succesful people have it rough. The only reason they are winning and you are not, is because they learned to deal with their problems and accepted their shortcomings. By accepting your shortcomings, I mean to say they are focusing on their sthrenghts and ignoring they weaknesses. They still work to strive even further, they do everything they can to fix shit they are bad at, but they do not cry about their insecurities or their shortcomings. They just do everything they can to make their life even better.

I say “even” better, because if I said only “better” that would translate into you not being enough in the first place. By you not being enough in the first place, you would maybe work on yourself but from a mindset of desperation. The mindset you are supposed to come from is abundance, because the real happiness comes from letting go off the need to be enough and just being enough on your own. You hapiness must not be a by-product of something, you happiness must be a continuous state, not the feeling.

The reason nobody can beat you, is because nobody is you. Only you are you and only you can work on yourself and only you can DO YOU. Nobody has your work ethic, nobody can control what you do except yourself. Only you can push as hard as YOU can, only you can work as hard as YOU can. Nobody else can do it, only you. Nobody can change your life, except you. But you pushing or working as hard as you can is much more than enough to beat everyone else, because everyone are trying to live some fake life of being somebody else instead of being themselves and crushing it. You can not be somebody else, so do not ever wish to be somebody else, instead accept yourself and be yourself. When you are yourself everything else just fits into place, you enter this state of abundance, a state of doing YOUR thing YOUR way and winning only by YOUR OWN standards. Find your happiness, you can be happy making 10k a month and you can be happy making 100k a month, so find you happiness and stop bitching. The ultimate goal is to be happy, so as long as you are happy you are winning. All you have to do is define winning for yourself and do what it takes to win.

So go and crush it NOW!

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