Gary’s wisdom of the day

My absolutely favorite quotes from #AskGaryVee shows

Quotes by @GaryVee that I liked and in which I found the ROI on my time invested in watching the #AskGaryVee show ☺ Go up from the bottom and see how they evolved ☺ Enjoy!

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Episode #48 12.1.2014 “No problem, punch me, I can handle it”

Episode #47 11.26.2014 “That’s 25.000 punches in the face in 1 punch”


Episode #46 11.24.2014 “UNLIMITED. I am here to get punched”

Iwona — reads “eevona” ☺

Episode #45 11.19.2014 “People fall in love with the way they’ve made their money”

Episode #44 11.18.2014 “Speed, in sports and in business really matters”

Episode #43 11.13.2014 “It’s the foundation”

Episode #42 11.11.2014 “I just want to know what it is so that I can help us get there”

Episode #41 11.10.2014 “Execute against your privilege ”

Episode #40 11.6.2014 “The middle is dangerous”

Episode #39 11.4.2014 “Your feelings could hurt for a little bit but the long-term regret is more painful than the instant rejection of going for it”

Episode #38 11.3.2014 “There are a million reason why not but there is one great reason why- you have to persevere”

Episode #37 10.31.2014 “I focus on my stuff”

Episode #36 10.28.2014

Episode #35 10.27.2014 “The hustle is maximizing the energy your putting into something”

Episode #34 10.22.2014 “For the first 10 years of my professional career I didn’t say a damn thing”

Episode #33 10.17.2014 “People LOOOOVVVEEE passion”

Episode #32 10.16.2014 “Lying is the devil”

Episode #31 10.13.2014 “I want to scale the unscalable”

Episode #30 10.10.2014 “When I turned 30, I freaked the f*** out” (yeah… very comforting, veeeeeeeeery)

Episode #29 10.9.2014 “Poggiobello”

Episode #28 10.4.2014 “You are only as good as your last billing cycle”

Episode #27 10.4.2014 “All of this sh*t works. Do you have the talent to execute?”

Episode #26 10.3.2014 “I still care enough”

Episode #25 9.29.2014 “The best way to stay within the zone & NOT innovate is to pay attention to everybody else because they do the same”

Episode #24 9.26.2014 “I don’t want stuff. I want the pain & sweat & the gratitude & the happiness that comes along with the work”

Episode #23 9.25.2014 “Pick spots strategically that build awareness”

Episode #22 9.23.2014 “I spend all of my time on the things that I can control”

Episode #21 9.19.2014 “Do things that are meaningful”

Episode #20 9.18.2014 “Still have something to give”

Episode #19 9.17.2014 “You are only as good as your last talk”

Episode #18 9.16.2014 “Self esteem is the ultimate drug in society”

Episode #17 9.15.2014 “When times get tough you go harder, not yyymmm”

Episode #16 9.12.2014 “The toughest thing I’ve ever had to do was to make the decision that I was ok with putting myself out there”


Episode #15 9.11.2014 “Work every hour of every day”

Episode #14 9.4.2014 “I refuse to lose”

Episode #13 9.3.2014 “You need to figure out what you are good at”

Episode #12 9.2.2014 “Be grateful”

Episode #11 8.15.2014 “You have to put out things that matter more to others”

Episode #10 8.14.2014 “A lot of content + quality!”

Episode #9 8.13.2014 “Ideas transcend the world. Great, agreed! but in execution, in practicality is when these things become true. That’s what matters.”

Episode #8 8.12.2014 “Content & Context!”

Episode #7 8.11.2014 “The strategy matters”

Episode #6 8.8.2014 “Become educated & execute”

Episode #5 8.7.2014 “Map that journey baby (…) Put that content out”

Episode #4 8.6.2014 “Provide value upfront”

Episode #3 8.5.2014 “Word is bond”

Episode #2 8.4.2014 “Go to every single person that could possibly buy your thing and ASK them to buy it”

Episode #1 7.31.2014 “If you are too early, you are lost”