Thank you to Jessi and to each of you who took the time to share your thoughts.
Melinda Gates

I am so happy this is happening. HOW CAN I HELP?

My journey towards technology, innovation and startups started in a small village (about 1200 inhabitants) in the South of Poland where the spirit grew despite the lack of resources and being a first woman in the family to earn a Master’s Degree (I later got my second in the USA — I tried to stay but didn’t fall under the H1B cap) I have no technical education. It was not something that was popular or known back when I graduated high-school years ago. I didn’t have my first computer until I was about 18–19.

Now I find technology fascinating. I have always dreamed of making the World a better place (my dad worked hard so since I was a kid I wanted to improve things so that he could spend more time with us). 
It’s been a rollercoaster of failures, ups & downs, financial struggles and hanging on the brink of giving up. But I haven’t and I won’t.

I have recently started a project under the “Modern Woman’s Guide to Success” name where I strive to share my experiences with women who want to create online businesses, who want to develop their career and I want the focus to be on technology.

I also share my stories of being a non-tech girl in tech here on Medium. Maybe someone will find them useful.

I keep my fingers crossed & if I can help in any way, please let me be of use.

Love ❤,


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