The Neverland

‪What does it mean to be in a land that never ends? This question seeped into my thoughts when I was writing an anthology of poetry, Evolutionary Nothingness Vol.1. I tried to understand the nothingness as something that does not exist, or a place in the mind that never ends. ‪An extension of thoughts that are so strong, they become pieces of you, resembling vivid emotions.

‪‪I know that this could be a confusing approach to thoughts and emotions, but I think that is my point. A thought, which, like a bulb, lights up in your brain and then sends a signal to your body. When one thought pops-up, we are inclined to use logic to comprehend it. However, when there are a dozen light bulbs popping, logic is no longer a comprehensive approach.

Personally, when that many thoughts, emotions, and ideas come into my being, the overwhelming sensation rises up, and I can no longer use common sense to solve, any of them.

I try to take a few short breaths, focusing on the alignment of each breath as it synchronizes with my being. The difficulty is unbearable, but the jolt of energy afterwards is magical. I think it is important to take a deep breath when inundated with an array of thoughts and emotions. It provides a place — “The Neverland” — a place for just you, to do what you please.

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