350 kick off or why it is important to do stupid things

Today I read an article about creativity and it was said there, that writing of 350 words per day can boost one’s brain activity and unlock his full potential. It sounds cool and logical from theoretical point of view, but does it really work? As a scientist, I see just one way to verify that: an experiment. 
So, I desided to start a blog here and do my best to write this 350 words.
BUT at the moment I’m writing it my left analytical brain part says me, why it is such a bad idea. Look, this statement gives us more questions than answers. For example, how long should I write to see an effect? What effect will I see? What do words “creative potential” actually mean? Will I become better dancer? And, last but not least, what means “better”? How much better? What exactly will be a readout? 
Unfortunately, there is no answers to any of this questions in the article. So, from the logical point of view this experiment would be totally pointless. That’s what my left hemisphere tells me.
But, you know what? From other articles I know, that it is exactly what it is supposed to say. Look, every time you plan on do something great and fun, let’s say, buy a huge canvas and show da Vinci how it’s done, what do you hear inside your head? Right. You have millions of better ways to spend time and money. And each of us has his/her own list of things. 
And now imagine, how it goes in your head. 
Right hemisphere wakes up and gives you that brilliant idea. Maybe, if you listen to it more often, your painting would have already been in Louvre. But than your nasty left part of brain wakes up and gives you million of reasons not to listen to the right part. And since we use our left one much more often it has grown so strong, that our right one doesn’t have a chance. 
So, anytime you feel like you’re going to do stupid stuff (like write a novel, I mean) just tell your left brain to shut up and go for it. Because this will bring you to a balance and enables you df to discover a whole new worlds inside you. Besides, in the end your problem-solving (left brain function) will get better. 
So, 350 words for me it is. How long? As long as I feel like it. I hope, my writing goes better at least. How do I know if it works? Let’s see. If someone is reading or commenting on that, I will count it as a success. ;) 
I think, I already wrote more, than 350 words today. Maybe I will skip this exersice tommorow ;)

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