The world has been wrecked by raging, driving cholerics who bulldoze everything in sight in the bid to make all come under the subjection of man. They have ruined the planet.
Now, they want to ruin outer space too.

Before I go on to try my hands on ‘skinning the bullish merchant-minded belligerent choleric alive’, I’ll do what every true enthusiast of the beautiful sights and sounds of life does: mull over what makes nature so great to behold, what it is about it that captures my attention. I will celebrate the wonders of existence, bask (in my mind, at least) in the sunshine that a single star gives, and meditate, wide eyed, upon the staggeringly great number of stars that decorate the dark expanse we call the universe. For the umpteenth time, I will tell you why I love the universe so much.

What I observe when I look at the heavens on a clear night is just beautiful - innumerable stars, sparkling, shining, blinking, positioned in apparent disorder and without coordination. But it doesn’t matter; its lovely that way. And if you look closely at the ‘white’ dots, you’ll find that they are actually giving off light in different colours. Some of them, the ones closer to us, seem to radiate with a stable pulse. The farther-off ones just blink, like lighthouses calling out to me from billions and billions of miles away. And I’m attracted to them, away from the noise of the world, the chatter of a full but lonely planet, to the probably empty-but-beautiful ‘beyond’ that lies past the earth’s atmosphere. It is an escape for me, one that I can’t truly get to. It leaves me wondering, leaves me longing. Sometimes, the sense of longing is itself escape enough.

Sadly, ugly rampaging man has come into the fray. He began to make his presence felt by building factories which belch smoke, and cars which exhale dirty black fumes. The dirty plumes have obscured much of our view of the skies, so we don’t get to enjoy the parade of stars as much as we used to. But he’s not contented with building shabby chimneys. He wants to take the heavenly bodies away too. Its not fair; but he doesn’t care. He has never cared for right or wrong. He merely weaves those concepts around himself, and forges them into whatever forms he considers suitable to his materialistic end.

Its “one small step for man”, he says, as he lands upon the moon. He speaks of a race to conquer the planets, to plant national flags on alien turf, and extract minerals from the surface of asteroids (spoilt kid!). He hasn’t even cleaned up the mess he’s made of the earth, yet he wants to go on and spoil the universe! What in the world is wrong with him?

The space above and beyond here is not for roaming nomads who only know how to smash and grab. Its not for the throat-slitting, trigger happy, war hungry beings who have failed on the one project they were given to take care of- earth. They’ve flunked the earth-test in the most spectacular fashion possible, making a ruinous concrete jungle of stunning verdant lushness. They must not be allowed to desecrate the other worlds!

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