The chase: The search for the first Job

Iyke Anyanwu
Aug 16, 2017 · 2 min read

The hardest part of online freelancing is the search for that first job, that breakthrough job. It’s really hard because you have got no reviews or recommendations and most clients don’t want to hire a newbie. The hardest part is, the few who want to, want to exploit you (pay little or nothing for your services).

We all get that feeling of disappointment after writing proposals or applying for jobs and get turned down or get no response at all. It kills the energy to want to do more. With that bad vibe, most times we just hurriedly apply to everything we see, not minding if it suits our skills or not. I once fell victim of this. One thing I learnt, in the long run, is that everything has its time, patience and persistence are all we need to succeed.

It’s already hard for freelancers with loads of recommendations to get jobs which makes it even harder for those just coming into the market. So guess what, you need to bring in something unique to the market to get noticed. Look at the market, take your time and read through job postings that suit your skills , and try as much as possible to not hastily apply for them, but calmly write eye catching winning proposals, something that would get noticed and probably get you invited for an interview which might lead to you been offered the job.

There is no quick hack to getting your first job while starting your freelancing career online, but if you have got the patience and persistence you will surely land yourself your first job and more as you continue freelancing.

Thank you for reading.

Originally published at on August 16, 2017.

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