Happiness starts within

I continue reading ‘Nora, Nora’ whilst I bake some chocolate chip cookies. It wouldn’t be complete without some classic Norah Jones and my personal favourite, The Script. Something about their songs that just soothes your soul. To top it all, the weather was just perfect.

Little things like so can actually make you happy. It’s strange really. I’ve been feeling down as of late, not too sure the reasons why but I have been struggling to find some sort of happiness, even the tiniest bit. I could literally be in a room filled with friends and family and still feel lost, completely lonely and empty inside. It was a very uneasy feeling because I have never actually been this way before. I have always been carefree, and nothing, really nothing could bring me down. Even if it did, I would still in the tiniest bits of me find a way to be happy.

I got scared honestly. I didn’t know why I was so emotional. It got so overwhelming to the point that I started to distant myself from my friends, family and anyone that cared for me. I didn’t get involved in any kind of conversations because it was so hard for me to pretend that everything was okay. I didn’t want my friends to know. I didn’t want to feel like such a burden. I thought to myself, what right did I have anyway to bring them down with me? So, I continued to face all the negativity on my own. I felt that it was after all, my own battle.

Problems after problems started to build up for me. I had to drop it all and get some alone time. To take a breather, to calm my thoughts. So, I began to write again. I find solace in writing. It helps for a while you know? Like my own happy place. I slowly learned that I was too focus on finding happiness that I actually missed out on it completely. I was a mess. I had to do something about it. So, I did.

Firstly, I stopped feeling sorry for myself. Then, I established the fact that it was all up to me to either feel sad or happy. So, I took control. I started opening up more to my friends, family and most importantly, myself. I would schedule my day with things to do, be it reading, baking or just watching some series. Start small I tell myself.

The most crucial step I took and will continue to live by is It’s all about the perspective’. Outlook in life is important. I cannot stress this enough. If you continue to look at things at only one angle, you will always be at that same place or level. Neither here nor there. But once you open up and look at things from other perspectives, honey I swear you will feel so much better.

There’s no denying that once in a while, you’ll feel sad. I still do some days. Of course. There’s no such thing as a perfect life. Perfect is, boring after all. So, why not start small? Open your heart and enjoy the little things while you can. You’ll find that happiness along the way, you’ll see.

‘How you want to live your life is entirely up to you. Happiness starts from within.’

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