It is psychologically threatening.
Del Singh

Yes — when you say “real threats” I assume you mean “physical, tangible threats.” Because psychological threats are just as real and just as dangerous as physical ones in certain circumstances, don’t you agree? Example: you get a new boss and he doesn’t like you. Starts subtly sabotaging you at work, starts undermining you among your colleagues. You are the sole or main provider for your family, maybe — so he’s literally threatening your livelihood: food, shelter, taking care of your family. But it isn’t straight-forward “Meet me after school” or “20 paces, then turn and shoot” or even watch and wait, surprise and take the threat down. It’s more insidious and the rules are not outlined, the way to combat the threat is elusive and can even backfire. It may not be “third-world” type threats, but they are out there and they are real. It’s a changing game, that’s for sure — and we are not yet evolved enough to adapt to them all — I agree. I like the questions and thoughts this piece provoked. Thank you.

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