A Plea to My Fellow Conservatives

A man walks into a family-owned pizza restaurant with an assault rifle and fires because of a fake news story claiming Hillary Clinton’s aides were running a child sex ring out of there.

I repeatedly denounced Hillary, (you can check my past entries here), but this is madness. That story was spread along by the incoming National Security Adviser.

Or did you hear the one about an FBI agent investigating the Clintons found dead in an apparent murder/suicide? Maybe the one about Hillary gleefully laughing at the acquittal of a child rapist? Or the idea that millions of people committed voter fraud?

I used to think I was a Republican. I have thought of myself as conservative. I believe in personal responsibility and a smaller role for government. I find the idea of killing a child in the womb abhorrent, and yes, I think a nation should be able to screen who crosses its borders.

But is this what it’s come to? Bald-faced lies? Are we really OK with 4chan, Breitbart, and the KKK being the standard-bearers? Are we OK with propping up a man who is at best a third-world kleptocrat and at worst a militaristic fascist with the fragile ego of an adolescent beauty queen?

It may have been a post-truth election but my God refers to himself as the Truth, so facts are no small thing to me. I beg you reasonable conservatives out there to stand for truth rather than standing for whatever makes the other side look bad, regardless of its basis in fact.

Recognize that those liberals you “hate” (and don’t let that word slide right by without a thought) may be just as interested as you are in wanting a free, safe, and prosperous nation and that your disagreement is on how to arrive at that.

Open your eyes to the fact that people with a different skin color or way of speaking are often facing problems you’ve never had to face, and maybe getting pulled over once a month every month might make you frustrated too.

Contemplate the idea that many liberals don’t salivate and laugh maniacally at the thought of dead babies, but perhaps support abortion rights because of a misguided, but well-meaning compassion towards women in difficult situations rather than satanic bloodlust.

We conservatives have a case to argue: Work hard, get what’s yours, consider others, and follow the rules. We don’t need to literally make things up or pass along the latest work of fiction from Moscow.

Don’t imagine that anyone’s going to forget where you stood when Trump took office and began taking all that apart. History is not kind to fascists, propagandists, and dictators. If you believe in conservatism and put country before party, now’s your chance to go on record.

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