Uber’s path forward
Garrett Camp

I do not care about your platitudes I just want a ride so here is what I see:

“recent events have left me upset and deeply reflective.”

You where there!

“All companies have growing pains. And because….”

A 14 year old knows how to treat people better then you and your cohorts, your men in you 30s and 40s should not be talking about “Growing Up” what are you 12?

“We must update our core values, listen better to employees and riders, and prioritize our drivers.”

Here I see you objectify you drivers that is ok because you riders do the same thing and that is why you have a 4% retention among your drivers so to keep them working you have to throw cash incentives at them… and that is why you are loosening billions!

“We were in a campaign where the candidate is Uber and the incumbent is an asshole called ‘taxi,’” Travis Kalanick.

You, Travis and your investors knew that taxis suck and they do and also it is obvious that none of you knew why taxis suck and now so does Uber. But it not your fault that the job sucks it is your fault for spending your investors money on something you had and may still have no idea how the hotdogs are made. The why it sucks will not change its baked in the definition of the activity. Air B&B works because you are being invited into someone’s home their personal space.

“Uber has changed millions of people’s lives for the better, bringing mobility to those who need it most. It’s important to remember the positive impact Uber has on the world, and how important our work here is.”

You are over estimated your value or should I say you think highly of your self. People want a ride from point ‘a’ to ‘b’ and it is in the “now”.

“People love the product itself, and they see companies like Uber as the future. Which is why we must now hold ourselves to a higher standard….”

Uber is not the future because it has clay feet. If you want to be around in ten years bring back Travis now because you need to change and it is going to be hard and you need him because you are not up for the job because if you were you would be the CEO if you were.

Plz tell me where I am wrong.

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