Uber’s path forward
Garrett Camp

I have cooled off some. I do not know you or TK. I do know that this universe is made of energy and matter I also know that each of these things can not act upon themselves. The argument is an uncaused cause. At some point in your existence you will appreciate this. Hold yourself accountable now and life gets better.

With that said I want a job maybe you need help so here is my analysis.

Uber lost 5.2 billion in the last two years!


Uber is paying for growth.

They pay their drivers incentives to work and they pay 60% of each ride you take so you are only paying $40.00 for a ride that is valued at $100.00 I see why people would take them over a cab at that price point. Uber has to pay people to drive because the job sucks! Other companies take losses also but what they get is a return on their investment buildings and equipment… Uber is paying for a pipe dream.

96 out of a 100 people are no longer driving for Uber after a year! There it is that big money pit that you get nothing back in return. Travis Kalanick aka TK, knew nothing about the taxi business but the fact that it sucks, the VCs should have asked way it sucks but they did not they just looked at the new toy and fell in in a deep state of stupidity (greed). If you knew the taxi business you would know that it is easier to replace riders than drivers. Going forward you will see city’s coming back to their medallion owners with a look on their faces… the medallion owners will want to return to the table and part of that is making certain that their medallions are property and not a license and can not be taken away. Also the drivers will start a union, yes that right, there is no taxi union but there will be (there are unions starting to attract companies and drivers this is a new thing out side of the larger cities. There is not taxi union local 367). When driverless cars do get here it will be the medallion owners (most who are small business owners) not Uber, Ford, GM or any other player that will run those cars it will be the medallion owners and I bet you they will turn it into a 7–11 and sell you all sorts of things in a very efficient way, and also on demand. Ps. Good luck to the VCs I see you get the memo good see you piss yourselves, see you in October and if you could bring back TK he was fun to watch maybe just give him a Bob-it to play with this time.

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