Imagining a New Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

I sadly never saw the original Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but with a possible movie reboot and Disney seeking to wring every dollar out of its high-profile properties, it is high time that Indiana Jones once again graced the small screen.

The original series starred a 10-year old Indy and a teenage Indy and featured Indy’s travels and adventures during World War I. For the new series, the timeline shifts forward to the 1920’s, with Indy in graduate school at the Sorbonne in Paris. This will allow Indy easy access to locations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, providing a deep pool of potential stories.

The Cast

Garrett Hedlund as Indiana Jones

With Chris Pratt on the verge of movie stardom and being eyed for the movie reboot, Hedlund would be the next best choice for TV Indy. In the show, Indy leads a double life as a graduate student by day, adventurer by night and weekend.

Karen Gillan as Marion Ravenwood

Gillan is already part of the extended Disney-Marvel-Lucas family, having starred in Guardians of The Galaxy. According to novelization of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Marion was only 14 years old when Indy began a relationship with her. Gross. In the new series, she’ll be aged up to 22, and be an undergrad in a class that Indy is TA-ing, keeping some of the forbidden love dynamic.

Amr Waked as Rene Belloq

In the Raiders novelization, we also learn that Belloq was Indy’s graduate school foe and that he plagiarized an essay that Indy wrote, which won him an award. The plagiarism plotline will drive the graduate school conflict for the season and Belloq will also start turning up on some of Indy’s after-hours adventures.

Hugh Laurie as Marcus Brody

Marcus is an assistant curator at a museum in Paris and will keep a watchful eye on Indy as a surrogate father figure.

Sean Connery as Henry Jones Sr.

Well duh. Connery makes a surprise cameo in the season finale cliffhanger.

The Plot

The show is a mix of adventure-of-the-week episodes and a season-long story line involving Indy’s search for the legendary sword Excalibur. Indy is not the only one searching for the sword of course. A shadowy group has enlisted Belloq to trail Indy so that they can seize the sword for themselves. Not surprisingly, the group turns out to be a precursor Nazi organization, which will tie in nicely to the new films.

Disney execs, if you like what you see, drop me a line.

Originally published at on January 29, 2015.

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