Transparency is the Name of the Game!
The Wisdom Tree Academy

Thank you so much, Linda. I’m so glad that you are appreciating my posts for The Wisdom Tree Academy. Clarity of writing, purpose and outcome is essential to helping our clients reach their goals.

Just out curiosity (I am a coach, after all!) what keeps you from giving yourself credit for doing a good coaching job? Sometimes, in the absence of external feedback we can lose contact with a true reflection of ourselves. Feel free to join our free every other Wednesday interactive online coaching gatherings. Our next one is next Wednesday at 12 noon, Pacific. I’m sure you’ll learn something new and receive acknowledgment during the gathering.

For a more in-depth dive into clarity of coaching experience, purpose and outcome, register for our course, “Decoding The Coaching Genome.” You’ll get a great infusion of coaching confidence and learning.

Thanks again, and I hope to meet you in person/online in the future.



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