Soap boxes and Bike Ramps

This isn’t about me getting up the courage to join groups of higher good , it isn’t about me at all putting any kind of identifying uniform on to let the world know who has my back because I have no idea what that means. From my perspective, in hindsight, today, it’s hearing a repeated phrase of “you gotta take care of your self first” this morning and this evening from people 30 miles and 16 hours apart that I’m building past their acquaintances, it’s me being an older person with this new tool of just listening to the flow of the conversation and finding in some groups, that I have a knack for moderating.

As I made power moves the past few weeks, I stood up for myself , I stood up to declarations and charters and still believe in them all word for word, still and grasping in ideas of what does brotherhood and sisterhood mean without action- good works that are more tangible than a face book status update and praise.

This isn’t about me putting time in on a Sunday in a house of worship so that it looks good, it more about the further I get to know me , the closer I get to core of spirituality of that still hesitant to let go of some beliefs. It’s about the past few months being very specific about my needs and getting them answered pretty darn quickly . It is me stopping my overcompensating need to join and being really surprised when I am invited.

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