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Columbia Journalism Review | A busy year for AARP, America’s most-read magazine

2020 may have been a bust for some publications, but it was a boob for AARP. With a readership of over 47-million in 23.5-million American households, the bi-monthly magazine is one of the most successful publications in the world catering to readers over 50. With two editors and 85 full-time journalists, the magazine is more than a glossy magazine and has run “some serious investigations” on issues that impact its readership such as ageism in the workplace, loneliness and death, according to the Columbia Journalism Review report. …

This digital travel, lifestyle & leisure publication aims to educate on racism and xenophobia and promote diversity through tourism

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By Bongani D Shongwe

Cardinal Magazine is a digital travel, lifestyle & leisure publication that aims to educate on racism, xenophobia and promote inclusivity & diversity through tourism. Cardinal explores travel in its entirety, not just physical movement from one place to another but mental and sensory stimulation when you read about our destinations, recipes, beauty and fashion tips, and interviews.

We entered the programme eager to learn and underestimated the phrase about Jamlab being a ‘hothouse accelerator programme’, and we are definitely feeling the heat but we believe we are only being refined and molded into our best form.

We joined the Jamlab Accelerator Programme as we felt we had done our part, we needed further assistance in order to grow our start-up, we needed to expand our skills, we wanted to add to our knowledge by learning from professionals and were seeking guidance especially on the journalism side and organisational management. …

Traditional media will have to evolve to remain relevant to today’s audience

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Traditional media will have to evolve to remain relevant to today’s audience and news will increasingly need to be packaged in bite-sized forms to suit different communities. These were the key themes that emerged from the Reimagining New Media and Voices webinar at the 2020 Urban Festival.

Al Kags, the founder of the Nairobi-based Open Institute, an organisation that collaborates with governments, civil society and citizen groups to encourage open government and citizen participation, pinpointed six interesting developments in media today.

  1. Today’s reader is faced with a deluge of content and information which leads to people being less prone to consuming long content. …

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