The girls arrived from various locations across the nation to be a part of the 2017 Junior Achievement Nigeria Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Development (LEAD) Camp sponsored by Union Bank Nigeria for the second time in a row.

These 13 to 15 year olds did not come to play at all. They have come to the Centre of Excellence with big dreams with the hope to find themselves and carve a niche for themselves during their impactful week-long stay at the JAN LEAD Camp.

During the orientation session by our Executive Director, Mrs. Sini Nwogugu, the girls introduced themselves and shared their aspiration and vision for their lives and the world at large. When the girls talked about what they intend to get from the 2017 JAN LEAD Camp, you could feel passion in the tone of their voices. One of the girls hit the nail on head and said “I am here to get everything this camp has to give”. That real determination right there!

On arrival, we were privileged to get feedbacks from parents who dropped their daughters off who could not help but express their awe at what the LEAD Camp is about and their joy that their daughters are a part of it.

Another exciting highlight from the day was an impromptu visit from veteran actors and society leader, Ramsey Nuoah and Desmond Elliot who were on set nearby and out of curiousty stopped by to inquire about the program. On educating them, they were impressed and went ahead to speak with the girls. They encouraged the girls to believe in themselves and the power they have as women to change the world.

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