What matters (and doesn’t) when getting press for your startup
Gillian Morris

Great insight here Gillian Morris and thanks for sharing. Two thoughts I had while reading:

  1. We’ve seen the opposite affect for StrideTravel.com regarding ‘features’ vs ‘lists.’ Using unique users and transactions as our KPI’s, we’ve seen much better results from features in the LA Times, for example, vs. inclusions in lists. Granted, list inclusions were on less prolific websites but even looking at conversion rates from resulting traffic, ‘features’ users were more engaged overall. I think the overall traffic and target demo for any given news site or blog would be key determining factors for how many downloads you would see.
  2. I agree product trumps founder in terms of general ‘newsworthiness.’ But I would stick with selling your background and leveraging the fact you’re a female founder since this does set you apart. You never know when a feature about you could turn into an inclusion in another list type article in a different publication.