There’s this thing called common courtesy that people are missing.

It seems like on a daily basis I encounter people who seem to have little to no common courtesy.

But first: what is this wild thing called common courtesy? It’s when you’re going to your friends house to hang out and you make sure to shoot them a text letting them know you’re on your way. Or that moment when you’re going to be visiting family members who live in another country and you ask to see if they’re available during that particular time period. Oh and don’t forget that moment when you are working on a project and you decide not to give all your bug fixes request to the developer when knowingly he will have less than 24 hours before it’s due to the client. (Yes, I’m a software developer and I took it personal. It was not about the bugs, I would prefer them so the project will be great, why not just tell me earlier?!?!).

All these situations come down to simple communication. You always have to consider others’ perspectives since you don’t know how they might receive the message. Growing up, my parents always made me knock on the door before entering someone else’s room and always be the first to open the door for others. I do realize that not everybody will be like this (I have my asshole days too, so no worries I’m with you on this). However, just taking a quick moment to realize the impact you may have on another person from your words or actions can make all the difference. Relationships have been built and destroyed within seconds over something as simple as common courtesy. I’m not saying be the best at it, but out of the 30 decisions you make a day, follow through in 1 with another persons perspective in mind.

To tell you the truth, not everybody is going to do that for others. But maybe if you do your best to implement it in your daily life, you can have a significant impact on another individual. You’d be surprised how you can change a persons life by doing something so simple yet significant that even you can’t remember the moment it happened. One those moments where you randomly let another person behind you go ahead of you because you can sense the urgency they have in their eyes. Maybe they’ll run into their future significant other and end up being their life partner because they were able to get to another place at a certain time. But if you didn’t allow for that moment to happen, they may have never met that person. You never know what can happen when you take a moment to take a step back and be open-minded.

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