“WeBeam: Networking A La Carte

by The #MainBird @SecretBirds


You’re at your third networking event of the week. You are about to go in armed with the usual, your business cards (square ones), your story (deliverable in one minute), well dressed (I am rocking this outfit) and that charming smile (never leave home without it). You heard there are over 500 in attendance. Your mind races and your heart palpitates, you’re in your element and opportunity awaits. This requires a strategy, how do you maximize your potential at this event? You become slightly irritated at the thought of missing that 1 person!

Calling all connectors, collaborators, social conspirators and thrill seeking entrepreneurial disruptors, our networking pleasures just got better, easier and much more exciting! Imagine an app that allows us to increase our connection capabilities, linking us with everyone at an event based on interests. A tool that allows us to exchange contact information with ease, identifying and grouping professionals based on colours and more importantly facilitating conversation. A personal assistant of our very own! No, this isn’t an illusion, it’s WeBeam, the new app with a goal to enhance the networking event experience. WeBeam is networking a la carte, a healthy menu, filled with options. It is nimble, simple and values our time. It approaches networking realistically and gives us what we want, when we want, without limitations. We decide!

At networking events our time is our most valuable asset and time wasted, is an opportunity lost. WeBeam gives us back our time and removes the hassle, invariably enabling the opportunity to create sparks. If you are like me, and of the furiously social variety, then you know the importance of that spark. Sparks light up the universe and this is WeBeam, the spark! In the words of WeBeam Founder, Nicholas Ivanecky, “Don’t be a don’t (er) be a doer, when it comes to networking, you need to take charge, not be passive.” And as of today, your personal assistant is waiting to be downloaded in IOS, so go take charge, it is after all networking, a la carte.