Introducing Bay Invasion Design

Passion for Tampa Bay sports runs deep in our community. Regardless of which side of the bay you’re from, sports brings our collection of smaller towns and larger cities into one major region.

Whether you love red and pewter, green and gold, or various shades of blue, the Tampa Bay sports fan deserves a wardrobe that matches their passion for their teams. Enter: Bay Invasion Design— The creative apparel home for Tampa Bay sports fans.

Powered by Spreadshirt, Bay Invasion is an individually run T-shirt design brand that seeks to create clever, artistic, and unique designs that tap into the very roots our fandom is based on.

Bay Invasion’s shirt designs focus on the culture of the fans. We draw inspiration from social media, inside jokes, pop culture, memes, and of course our own imagination.

This project will start off relatively small, but we plan to add more shirts as we grow, get inspired, and as Spreadshirt implements new design options.

Coinciding with our launch is a special limited time offer from Spreadshirt: Enter promo code FS417 between April 13 — April 23 to receive FREE SHIPPING.

We are very excited to launch this new project, and we are looking forward to what the future holds. Go Tampa Bay!