Balancing the Body & Healing the Impossible with The Zone Technique

Joel Evan
3 min readJan 16, 2020

This week’s episode I was lucky enough to interview Dr Pete Goldman, founder of the Zone School Chiropractic. I have been seeing Dr Pete for years since he was first recommended to me by other martial artists and MMA fighters in the Bay Area. I then later met Dr Pete in a jiu-jitsu class and told him about my shoulder that was hurting me for almost a year and was not getting better. Dr Pete told me, “I can help you, just come see me.” I was doubtful as “normal chiropractors” just adjust bones and the spine and neck. And my issue was a muscle or a tendon, not a bone. Nonetheless, I saw Dr Pete and within a week or two my shoulder was back to 80%. That was years ago, and even till this day my shoulder is doing just fine.

Dr Pete has an amazing story, and talked about his childhood growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970’s. Dr Pete described Brooklyn as being a very “checkerboard” area, which led him to embarking on a journey into martial arts. Dr Pete is a true martial artist and really understands the history of the arts. Dr Pete’s affinity for martial arts is what makes him popular with fighters today. The best in the world seek out Dr Pete, because they need results, and he delivers.

Dr Pete also talks about why most chiropractor schools are a joke today and don’t practice real healing. Dr Pete says:

“99% of chiropractors, their patients are in their for neck and back pain, it’s a fucking joke…85% of my patients in my waiting room are here for their liver, their gallbladder, their pancreas, their nervous system, their immune system…”

So what’s the big disconnect? Listen to the episode to learn more.

Lastly, Dr Pete has created his own online school The Zone Technique where other healers, acupuncturist, chiropractors, etc can learn the same healing principles that have given him great success. Dr Pete also teaches and conducts seminars worldwide.


8:10 — How Dr Pete got started training in martial arts

11:11 — Dr Pete and Kyokushin Karate

21:40 — What most people don’t know about Dr Pete

22:40 — How Dr Pete fell into chiropractic

24:55 — Why Dr Pete thinks most chiropractor schools are a waste of time

29:17 — How someone who needed a liver transplant recovered from Dr Pete

31:40 — Dr Pete’s success treating panic attacks

33:33 — Dr Pete’s Chiro lineage and the Zone System

34:50 — Why Dr Pete wants every health practitioner to learn the Zone Technique

37:09 — A typical zone session with Dr Pete

39:40 — My personal experience with a long term shoulder injury with Dr Pete

43:30 — The biggest disconnect with chiropractors today

44:40 — Why Dr Pete is comfortable doing prone lumbar adjustments and most aren’t

46:20 — Dr Pete’s experience with treating professional athletes and the elite MMA fighters

46:55 — How Dr Pete helped BJ Penn avoid shoulder surgery

49:10 — The most remarkable MMA athlete Dr Pete treated

52:50 — Dr Pete’s online Zone School and other exciting projects

54:00 — Dr Pete’s top three book recommendations

55:40 — Dr Pete’s favorite sleep position and pillow

56:08 — Should you self-adjust yourself?

56:45 — How Dr Pete maintains a healthy spine

57:15 — Dr Pete’s daily rituals and top practices to maintain vitality


Dr Pete’s website for patients in San Francisco

Dr Pete’s online Zone School

@thesfgoldman on IG

Recommended Books

I am That — Nisargadatta Maharaj

Rays of the Dawn — Dr Thurman Fleet

Book of Ki — Koichi Tohei

Biology of Belief — Bruce Lipton



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