Growing kids and growing companies
Ev Williams

Thanks, very interesting read. Not a founder myself, but a developer. Lucky enough to be with a company that doesn’t expect super long hours and acknowledges the needs of a working parent (not a start-up). Still, I find it a challenge raising a child with both my partner and me working full time. Most tech jobs in my area (big European city) are with start-ups that build their culture on keeping employees immersed at their workplace. Working 60+ hours at one of those would simply not work with our family concept. I know of other parents who take the route of leading the old fashioned lifestyle where only one spouse works or the other one is in a low qualified/part time employment. I think it’s quite an irony that an industry that likes to think of itself as being progressive forces families into conservative schemes. — Rant over, but I really hope our industry will change for the better in this regard.

Glad to read here in the comments that the mindset with at least some founders seems to be changing. However I’m curious to see whether this is also going to happen on this side of the pond.

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