Take charge of your life. If you’re unsatisfied with the present, do something different — your life won’t change unless you create the change. If you are comfortable outside your safe zone, you are on to somethin
Life Gets (a Lot) Better When You Stop Giving a F*ck
Thomas Oppong

First and foremost, the image of Marshmello is the reason I clicked on this entry. I have been a fan of Deadmau5 for sometime so I was interested to see if this was another M vs D article. I was pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for sharing this great piece and making me smile today. I have recently embraced a person that had been locked away in this body and broken the norms of the world that exist around me. As liberating as it has been, I suffer from a great deal of trepidation due to the resistance and validation that others seek with this new found discovery.

But instead of reverting to socially programmed “norms”, I have steered the course through that thick fog that kept me near the shore before…fear. Your article was the reassurance that I needed to rejuvenate the creativity and displace the doubt of “am I doing the right thing?” & “maybe they are right.”

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