Hi, my name is Matt Pakes and I’m a product manager at Facebook, responsible for video products.
Matt Pakes

I’m sorry Matt, you’re probably a nice guy, I was hoping your response would make sense of it all. Unfortunately all I read from you was a big steamy pile of corporate bullshit. Three seconds is way too quick and never have I heard about Facebook taking down a video until a few days later when 99% of the ad revenue had been made. This what your response reads like to anyone who smells past the bull’s rear end “At Facebook, Inc. we care about independent video creators, but there’s one thing we care about a lot more and that’s money! We’re actually greedy pigs who wouldn’t care if every independent creator went bankrupt and starved to death as long as we still got our advertising revenue” What you wrote in your response and what is happening in reality are entirely different, so if you were trying to further reinforce Facebook’s reputation as lying, freebooting thieves you did a great job.