5 Reasons Betty and Veronica Should Be Endgame in ‘Riverdale’

B + V are soulmates

In the original Archie Comics, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are painted as rivals, competing for the affection of Archie Andrews, but in ‘Riverdale’ the writers aren’t afraid to honor their female friendship. Together, the fierce females are leading the charge and clearly, the writers aren’t playing by the rulebook. In the show, Betty’s edgier side and Veronica’s softer side are emphasized. Despite their differences, the pair are in complete harmony like yin and yang. Below are five reasons why you should ship Betty and Veronica.

1. Love triangles are overrated

Archie who? While the show taps into the natural romantic triangle that forms between the three teens, the transcendent accord between the two ladies is more convincing. Although Veronica broke girl code by kissing Archie, who Betty was crushing on big time, she immediately knew what she did would hurt her new friend and apologized.

2. Vengeance is best served in pairs

In the third episode, the dynamic duo championed a large group of female classmates to challenge Riverdale High’s stance on sexism and slut-shaming. In particular, Betty and Veronica teamed up to get revenge for Veronica’s short-lived relationship with unrelenting football jock who shamed her publicly on social media. Girl. Power. FTW.

3. Friendship can be romantic

Ahem, do we really need a recap of that kiss for good measure?

4. Female unity spells success

The twosome can shatter the patriarchy, one boy at a time if necessary. Will this give the writers another reason to bring Dark Betty back? If so, I’m definitely here for it 100 percent. According to MTV.com, “On Riverdale, the future is most certainly female” that is, as long as Betty and Veronica are in tow.

5. Betty and Veronica are soulmates

Whether the fate of Betty and Veronica’s friendship turns out to be romantic is still unclear, but one thing is certain, the pair are soulmates in a cordial, possibly strictly-friendly way, according to Lili Reinhart who plays the iconic role of Betty Cooper.

So will Betty and Veronica become an item this season? According to a poll created by Hollywood Life, 88% of their readers would support this pairing while 12% of readers don’t feel any potential romantic vibes radiating from the couple.

Where do you fall on the spectrum?