Stop Wasting Money On a “Beautiful” Interface

Good experience has been always hidden in a good process and its automation. Have you ever heard that no interface is the best one? I’d like to explain why it’s really necessary to focus on processes much more than on individual screens. Naturally, people don’t want to do more than absolutely necessary. Luckily, these people also appreciate when we as a company do the work for them.

The problem with the interface

User interface is something visible. Many designers focus on this part of experience design. It’s easier to explain why you spend time on something you can show rather than simplifying and making it invisible. The problem is that the interface itself doesn’t achieve business and user goals. If your UI is “beautiful” but your customer is required to do 3 tasks instead of one, they will be dissatisfied.

Experience is the key

If your company wants to focus on user experience, it doesn’t only mean hiring a UX designer or creating business transformation team. You will need to go further. It’s about having reliable people knowing your company well enough to always keep pushing and exploring areas to improve. People who make the difference are customer service representatives, sales folks and others interacting with you customers. Everybody in your company should support these people and making their life more effective so they can get the work done quickly, easily and happily.

Improving experience starts with every customer interaction. Your customers see you as a one entity. It’s exactly the way it should be. There is nothing wrong with having multiple teams working on what they are the best at. Internally. It doesn’t mean they can work independently without knowing what the guys next door doing. Improve the experience by making everybody support each other.

Where is the success?

Today, the most successful companies are those improving slow and ineffective processes. It’s not those that focus on creating a “beautiful” interface. To make something truly beautiful, it must works beautifully. Remember that before you hire designers or agency trying to sell you a UI redesign instead of spending time on analysing and improving your business. Interface itself becomes important only when there is no process to be improved or automated.